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I think i messed up my arduino

well i tried updating my firmware to .09j and now nothing can see the arduino other than the computer.

the steppers dont lock down anymore when i power up the machine.

how do i go about returning the arduino back to stock form?

Which method did you use to update the firmware? Which OS are you using?

i used the arduino software and im running win 10

[Edit] Update from which version of grbl?

I don’t use Windows 10, but maybe you could try this for me on your system. I’ve set up an alternative way to upload the firmware and tested on Windows 7. Maybe it will work for you too.

It uses tools from the Arduino IDE, but is stand alone. Use the version of 0.9j that’s included.

i was not able to get that program to work but i used xloader to load the file that was included in the zip you linked to and… it worked

Ok, thanks for trying it. Now I know it won’t work for Windows 10.