I think my gShield is toast - xcontroller?

Hey all. Thanks for all the great advice I usually get here. The Y controller on my gshield appears to be toast. Should I replace it or get an upgrade? I haven’t investigated it, but I believe the new ones use something called an xcontroller?? I don’t want to have to change all my PC settings and my vcarve settings, but don’t want to miss an upgrade opportunity if it’s worth it. Not sure what’s better about the newer controller though.

Thanks for any advice!

What if I told you with a new and improved controller you could make your settings better and your carves faster? (assuming you’re using the Gshield with NEMA23 motors)

You wouldn’t have to change any settings with a new controller, but you could push the machine harder given a controller with more current capability and the Gshield-unpowered NEMA23 motors.

Phil’s CNC demon is a much cheaper alternative to the Xcontroller providing the same level of performance.

If you have the gshield you will see a world of difference with the XController, or if you are inclined for a little DIY´ing make one aka Phils which is equally strong. In parts, it is less than $100 as you have the Arduino already.

OK so it sounds like the upgrade is worth it. Not sure I need more power as the machine flexes despite stiffening upgrades. I’ve done x and y stiffening and replaced the z carriage with a big stiff one. But the cost isn’t really a concern. I just want plug and play and high quality.

So should I just buy the x controller then? Thanks so much for the advice guys.

Yeah :slight_smile:

Really pleased with mine

Thanks guys. I’ll do it. I sure wish these machines would actually just work. Been one thing after another. Hopefully this will be it for a while.