I was hapilly carving something and the machine stopped

I was carving something and it was all right. I had to pause the process and my laptop went to sleep and when I wanted to start where I left, the option was gone and of course the machine didn’t recognize where it was in the process and ruined my material. I decided to start all over and everything was going well. All of a sudden the machine stopped and there was a window asking me if the carving was all right or not. I said it was fine, but then the program wasn’t able to locate the machine, so everything was lost again.
Help! My project was looking great :frowning:

I think this may have happened to all of us on occasion, I know it has happened to me often I found that since I have been using CNCjs I have less problems Here is a link if you want to give it a try https://github.com/cncjs/cncjs good luck


The USB is the weak link, susceptible to pick up electrical noise which cause a voltage spike making the USB drop out for an instant. This resets the connection, just like sleep mode on your laptop did.
Did the “How did it carve” message appear roughly 30min into the carve?
If yes, the USB port may have been sent to sleep and you must deactivate this power management feature for your laptop

If no, timing seemed random=>
Adding an externally powered USB hub to the chain is a quick fix for many experiencing this as this make the chain more resistant.

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I didn’t know that Haldor, I’ll be buying one straight away thanks for the tip