I would like to make this into a sign


Rebel scum.

I smell acrylic!

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It’s just a social experiment bro

I resemble that remark …

I don’t. :smile:

the stripes are too close and those turrets won’t come out like that even with a 1/32" bit

Spacing is critical…


I’d buy a box of that.

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LOL. That was the opening line in my last project post.

Yeah are you asking how to make that into a sign? It would be easy and awesome. Vcarve it.

illuminate? :triangular_ruler:

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Need my shipping address? :grinning:

My husbands name is Jim, I’d like to know where you got the beer…lol.

this may help

Bev mo.

Do you want to have this design as a gcode. I’lll do it. Just for the experience.

Hey Thanks, Very cool.