I'd like to share my first project

So, I got my x-carve up and running about 2 weeks ago. The only carve I have done is the one Inventables has you test with after assembly. Since then I have been focused on learning VCarve and continuing to read these forums to that I can absorb as much as I can.

Today I did my first full-cycle project (idea, design, carve, improve idea, improve design, etc) of a 1.25" Round Tuit. Although this may seem like a trite exercise, it did provide me with many challenges and opportunities to apply what I had been reading about into a tangible item.

I did the design in VCarve. Although I was stumped from time to time I found the tutorial videos VERY helpful. That, along with an easy-to-use interface allowed me to work through tasks such as importing a 2D graphic (the funny shape in the center), placing text along a curved vector, and the many options in the tool path arena such as creating multiple tool paths. For the tool paths I created 2 of them - a v-bit for the letters and a 1/16" upcut end mill for the funny shape and the cutout.

I then exported the g-code and imported into Easel and carved. The trickiest part there was making sure I didn’t screw up when changing bits.

I wouldn’t call what is in the picture a done item - there are some changes I want to make (back to my full cycle comment above) so that I can improve the item and, also, my knowledge:

  • The funny shape in the center does not need to be so deep

  • The letters do not need to be as deep as they are (such that to help prevent some smaller pieces from chipping out). I suppose cutting a slower rate and doing 2 instead of 1 pass will help also. (It is 1/4" plywood so I expect some chip out on pieces that small.)

  • I need to get and use a down-cut end mill

  • To cut the piece out with the profile end mill tool path, I set my depth slightly more than the thickness of the board. My mistake was making that same additional value the same thickness at the tabs I used to hold each piece in place. :angry:

For my next round, I’ll spend more time looking at the feeds-n-speeds that everyone is always talking about, get a better understanding of what is going on with this particular project, and how, if any, of the rules-of-thumb apply to what I am doing.

Thanks for letting me share my comparably small project achievement.


Noted and I will give that a shot. Thanks.

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Glad you mentioned that. I have done a little searching on here to find out how deep people typically carve but had not found anything yet. I will note that and use it going forward.


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Good to see that you finally got around to it. (or 7) :grinning:
Watching vids is good but actually getting your hands dirty is the best teacher of all.

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As a workflow comment/suggestion, you do not need to export as Gcode from VCarve. You can instead export as an SVG, this should allow added editability/flexibility in Easel.

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Good memories of dad making these as christmas gifts when I was a kid. He’s always done pyrography though…