Idea for new feature in Easel Pro

Would love the abilty to stop the carve in process, and allow me to go back to zero automatically, while i adjust the depth of cut, then restart the carve from the beginning again.

Not sure why you can not do that. Just end the carve and you should automatically go back to zero. Then ajust your carve and start again.

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So far, everytime I stop a carve I have to do the use the depth of material check and re-zero.
If their is a way to not have to redo the set up and just change the depth and restart the carve that would be good to know info.

When you cancel/abort a carve you loose syncronization between machine and design.
If you did a homing cycle prior to the carve, and confirmed home position (work zero) you can re-align machine to design by simply re-home and choose “Use previous home position
Work zero is stored as an offset from machine “zero”, so if you have a known machine “zero” point your work zero is persistent.

I put machine “zero” in “” because the actual number may be negative, positive or zero and doesnt really matter.

You can change Z-zero by setting it to right height and send the command G92 Z0 through the Machine Inspector, Console interface.