Idea: Monthly Subscription Boxes

I have seen many new “Monthly Subscription Box” services popping up lately that send you a box of cool stuff every month for a subscription fee. I think Inventables should start offering Monthly Subscription Boxes that contain a How-To CNC project and the required materials. I am always looking for a new project and this service would be a great help.


Inventables sends out emails with new projects all the time. If they have new products in the store, they usually associate some projects that would use it.
I am always happy to see the Inventables email arrive in my inbox!

I would probably pay $20 or so a month for a box of materials.

I was looking around a few months ago to see if there was a subscription service that would send me a box containing a different exotic wood each month to work with.

Amazon has cutoff boxes of exotic woods - you could setup a subscription to the product and surprise yourself every month :slight_smile: runs about $30 with prime.


Thanks Timothy, I had not thought to look for wood on Amazon. There are many vendors to choose from.
Just what I was looking for.