If a fella had a mind to

If I was wanting to convert ONLY the X-axis to screw drive, what all would be involved?

thinking C-beam and corresponding carriage, leadscrew, delrin nut (antibacklash or the like) and modifying the carriages to accomodate a stepper…

what am i missing here?

A flange bearing at the end of the leadscrew to support it.

One thing you would have to deal with is how a leadscrew design is different than belt driven. In the belt driven design the stepper motor sits with the part that’s moving (the X stepper motor is ON the X gantry and moves with it), but in the leadscrew design the stepper motor is on one end of the axis its moving - the X stepper motor sits on one of the Y plates. The trick here is that with leadscrew X and belt Y you’d end up with two stepper motors on one of the Y plates, one that’s running X and the other one driving the Y belt. I’m not saying it can’t be done, just that you can’t take for example @LukeWilson’s leadscrew kit and just install half of it.

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