If job is canceled, does not return to zero safety height

I’ve noticed this as well… It seems to return to some default height above Z 0

Any reason this happens @paulkaplan @Ruwan ?

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I set up my imports to do each step separately and when it uses the same bit but does 3 different files that does get annoying, I forgot to re zero on a dust shoe but went back redid the z and then recut. Bit changing is the worst when you bump the gantry and you know it is not in the same spot. I did have it down to I think about 6 z steps down but now I just do it by hand with the belt.

Are you expecting it to return to the safety height or to Z=0?

The set safety height. The one under Advanced in the Machine menu.

If a job finishes due to a stop, or if imported g-code finishes… the machine returns to a different z height than the safety height that is set.

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I experienced this last night; Pressing stop in Easel does cause the machine to return home, but the Z height is completely gone. Use “Last Home position” doesn’t work either. The height offset appears to be a combination of the Safety Height + the previous DOC.
Really frustrating that the “Last Home position” doesn’t work correctly when the job is cancelled.


Would love to figure out a solution for this. Broke 2 mills before i caught that it doesn’t go to safety height on a test run.

Was there ever a solution to this? I set my safety height to clear my clamps (1" high). Hit the cancel button, and the bit hovered at about .125 and nearly crashed into a clamp on it’s way home…

This is still an problem (December 2018), and can be very dangerous. Canceling the job will often cause the bit to be dragged through the material at high speed. Broken bits, material coming unclamped, etc. Ruined plenty of good materials due to this issue.

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