If you had to do it all over again

Before I buy, can you experienced pros give me some tips on what you would have done differently with ordering, assembly AND workspace area?


Skip the waste board and make your own.

I am designing a new workspace now, and planning for sound insulation and a large vacuum setup.

I have also run plenty of USB, Cat 7 and HDMI cables to the area for future use.

I don’t qualify as an experienced pro but to go along with the linear z that Robert suggested, I would get Taller Y Axis End Plates so you can work with thicker material.

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Hi @PaulRinguette

I’m the CEO of the company and I think this is a great question. Here are my things I would have done differently:

  1. I would have built a bigger table. It seems I always need more space.
  2. I would have bought some really cheap wood to practice different ideas on so I didn’t care if I messed up and could just be creative without any risk.
  3. I would have got a quieter vacuum.
  4. I would have started with easy projects and worked my way up instead of trying to do a complex project and getting frustrated.

Leave out the waste board
order a metric collet set
buy a dial indicator
dust collection
Those are the ones off the top of my head

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Thanks Zach. I have become more excited about the the X-Carve the more research I do on it. I have a purchase tendency to want to get a little more than I think I would need from the start as I don’t like learning something to find out I need a little something more. Keeps me from wasting time in learning new. Software is my biggest open question. Being a newbie who wants to do just about anything I can think of but in no particular order (which is probably bad) but knowing I have to master the basics to move onto intermediate work, I am pondering if I should just purchase a license for vcarve desktop and go from there?

My earlier projects are just going to be some bas relief work and signs. I am proficient with Photoshop and can get around Illustrator so working digitally on SVG isn’t going to be a problem for me.

Thanks for replying.

I’m in the same boat regarding the software end. I just purchased the X-Carve 1000 and I’ve yet to determine which software will be most useful. I’ve never paid $600-$700 for software before but it seems like VCarve Pro would be the best utilized for me. I’m wondering if there any other options regarding software that are close to the VCarve Pro that may be a little more affordable?

look at vcarve desktop, they have a comparison. Not alot of difference for 1/2 the cost. Well worth the cost1

Ive struggled with the wasteboard screw inserts since day 1, they strip easily. I would do the @PhilJohnson wasteboard upgrade then the Z

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What’s the quietest vacuum you’re aware of that stands up to long term operation?

I considered regular VCarve but I would be cutting pieces larger than 24" x 24" (which I thought VCarve was limited to).

Hey @PaulRinguette and @KenCromwell with the software my recommendation would be to start with Easel. It’s free. When you buy your machine it comes with 4 free days of Easel Pro per month. This allows you to do v-carving.

Once you get comfortable with that you will have learned so many things about the machine and what you want to make and you will be able to make a more informed decision on more advanced software like V-carve desktop, V-carve pro, Fusion 360, and Aspire.

Inventables will honor the bundle discount pricing on all the Vectric software post purchase so you don’t have to risk paying ~$600 for something you might not need and you don’t have enough information to make the decision at this time. I understand everyone on the forum has their own opinion about their favorite software but what I’ve learned is everyone is different, with a different situation, a different background, and different needs. Also those needs can change over time.


Sounds like a plan. Thanks, Zach.

@StevePrior this vacuum or this one.

Oh. I’m already using a Festool CT26, so no improvement for me.

I’ve had my machine for a few years and the upgrades I’ve done and I think are mandatory include:

  • Better Spindle (now part of the package)
  • Better electronics (now part of the package)
  • Better Z axis (now part of the package)
  • Ecentric spacers rather than nuts (now part of the package)
  • Dust Collection (now an option)
  • Digital Calipers (now an option)
  • 1/8" collet (now an option)
  • Z-Probe (now an option)

Things you will eventually want:

  • Bigger Machine (there’s never enough space)
  • Better Workspace - you need lost of space around your machine
  • Tool holder with bit organizer
  • Better local source for wood - shipping is a killer…

Seems like @inventables is ticking off most of the major upgrades I’ve done already.

I have to give major props to @inventables for closing the gap with the workflow - Easel is way easier to use that what I started with. But once you out grow it or need more control, there is still a super steep learning curve. I’d love something in between Fusion 360 and Easel. CamBam-esque but cross platform and easier to use.

I think the next logical step is linear rails or screw drives rather than belts. Beefer rails might also be in the future but I’ll know more when I get my new 1000x1000 :slight_smile:


It was my understanding that to get the discount on the Vectric software you had to purchase it at the same time you bought a machine. Did this change?

We will honor it for people that bought machines from us.

That is the main limitation!

I checked into that recently and was told that because of your deal with Vectric it had to be done at machine purchase time. Did this change in the last month?