If you have no internet ... help

My internet out to the garage is abysmal. I just ended up using the Universal G Code sender to run the x carve. It has a file loading capability where you browse to your file location on the computer, then send it to the machine. This assumes you can create a gcode file somehow from one of the software packages.



I live in an old brick house and Internet can have issues. We use Eero to extend the Internet. We have a base unit where Internet enters the house, one at the front of the house and one upstairs. This gives good coverage throughout. It also lets us cut off specific devices from the Internet which helps the children show up at the dinner table on time.

If you have a shop in a detached garage, there are some gadgets that will send Internet over the power wires. There are also some wireless receivers that are directional and have good range.

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You can always use carbide create and UGS as a sender.


can you recommend a GCode sender

Universal Gcode Sender


I am using Version 1.0.9 myself


Have a look at CNCjs.
You can run it on your Laptop, Desktop, or a Raspberry Pi.

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I thought it might be worth mentioning that we have included a simple GCode streamer by default in the latest installations of Vectric products - VCarve Desktop, Pro and Aspire. It is called VTransfer and is an option when you first install v9.5, or later, versions of each product. I originally wrote it for a laser cutter that also uses grbl as its controller (like the X-Carve) because we found that for dense 3D raster and laser picture etching we were being limited by the streaming performance of Universal G-Code Sender on a number of machines, but I now use it all the time for running the X-Carve we have here at Vectric.

Like I say, it is, intentionally, a minimal, locally installed (not web-based or web-reliant) app to home, jog, set X,Y,Z origins and then just cut. Once it is installed, use the X-Carve (mm)(*.gcode) post to save your toolpath.
It works best if you have VCarve installed on the same PC that runs your X-Carve because then you can also select the Direct Output option and send toolpaths directly to VTransfer without the need for saving & loading toolpath files on your PC (although this is, obviously, still an option).

We hope this helps to plug a bit of a gap for X-Carvers using Vectric software to simplify that final step of streaming your toolpath - particularly if you don’t have an internet connection.



PS - Full disclosure: In case I did’t make it clear, I do work at Vectric!

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I would love to use V-carve Pro, but if I spend another $1000 to make garden signs, I will be shot ! …lol

Hi Errol, if your signs are less than 2’ square - or you’re happy to tile your toolpaths to cut bigger designs - then you only need VCarve Desktop at $350 (https://www.inventables.com/technologies/vcarve-desktop). If you’re like me though you’ll still get into trouble by spending the $650 ‘saving’ on a nice new sander and some shaped cutters! :wink:


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this is kind of becomming a deal breaker for me. that and having to pay $240 each year i wish to use a machine im paying $2k for after being repeatedly told the software was “free”. To use even everyday common bits you have to buy the “Pro” version and if i wanted to build a shop out in the middle of nowhere (which is my plan) i wont be able to use this thing at all because no internet, no x-carve. This thing seems to come with a lot more than the shapeoko and seems to be a better machine in a lot of ways but if one works, and the other doesnt thats kind of a decision maker for me.

these are unnecessary unforced errors on the part of inventables


If your only concerns are having the Internet and using Easel then those options don’t necessarily knock the X-carve out for you.

I have a Xcarve 500mm that has never been on the internet or used with Easel (except for one time setup so that I could see what Inventables was doing during setup).

I have been running it that way for 2 or 3 years. Can’t remember off the top of my head.

You can use the Xcarve completely independent of the internet and Easel.

You would have to get alternative sources for CAD/CAM and a G-code sender.

I use Vectric Vcarve PRO, PicSender, and UGCS for my work.

That was the selling point for me. I didn’t want to be tied to the internet and/or a proprietary machine interface.


Definitely leans me back towards x-carve. Thank you. Ill be making a decision by the end of the week.

I have yet to use Easel for anything except the intial set up of the machine. You can use any other CAD/CAM program to draw and create the gcode with UGS. I edit out any codes that mine generates that I don’t need in a word processor like wordpad. Version 1.09( I think ) is the most recent stable one and has worked well for me.

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Might be able to help with that. What CAM program and Post Processor do you use?

List of options at:

You may also want to try:

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My internet in the garage is very intermittent. I open all the tabs in easel I want to use in my house and then bring the computer outside and then just move from open tabs and don’t need the internet to load the projects. You can even make changes they just won’t save.

Meshcam or CAMbam probably set to Maxnc’s PP of which I used to have operational. Been a while since I downloaded either. It’s usually just second nature to cut out a few Mcodes.


I am using this now thank you !!! hugs