IKEA cabinets strong enough?

I’m thinking about making a cart to mount my 500x900 SO2. Anyone know if 2x Alex cabinets and shelf would be strong enough?

I have a 500x1000 x-carve sitting on top of the older version of the IKEA Hejne shelf system. I cut the legs in half and used the extra pieces to support the legs on the sides. I built a top of 1-1/4" MDF but I think you could use an ikea tabletop or desktop, just beware of their shelves - most are hollow/cardboard filler.

I also added caster wheels that can be raised to let the table rest on the floor. Sometimes I forget to raise the wheels, and while the table wobbles around a bit, it doesn’t affect the accuracy of the cnc.

Thanks for the info, I wouldn’t have expected that the shelves were sandwiched. Is your MDF top just 2x0.75 thicknesses laminated? Or solid piece?

Also, did you rig or buy the retractable casters? Seems like an excellent idea

My top is two sheets of MDF sandwiched with hardwood edging. The castors I rigged myself but after the table is loaded with weight, I have to use a pry-bar to help raise and lower. Rockler has something that woul work too, while more expensive, are designed for this and will save a lot of time.

You can see the idea in the photo. They are held in the up and down positions with the U-bolt. I also added additional supports under each shelf end to help stiffen the whole table.

Nice! I like that a lot. I just can’t bare to click buy on ikea cabinets…just too pricey. But I could put together a table like that in a day or so.

I like your retractable casters, too. I wonder if I couldn’t integrate a step-on lever to help raise it up.

Do you wish you’d used melamine on the top? I’m not planning on doing a lot more aluminum any time soon, but plastic wrap sure didn’t save the stock wasteboard. I’m thinking I might buy a sheet of MDF and a sheet of melamine. The scraps would be good for mold-making, anyway.

I think melamine would be good too, I’m not too worried about damaging the top, not a lot happens there besides resting a pencil or ruler.