I'm about to buy a personal machine

Getting the 1000mm X Carve, with almost all the upgrades i can get, including V Carve as i will mostly be doing carving.

Was just wondering if theres any other upgrades or necessities out there to make the machine overall more reliable and sturdy without breaking the bank even more so hehe.


I’m also going to get the 1000mm X-Carve and currently going through the forum looking for the upgrades to do from the start.

So far, on my list to do right away is the z-axis upgrade, taller y-axis plates, and base/bottom for stiffening. Maybe a belt upgrade since I want to have a bigger workspace. I’m still looking into a longer y-axis for pass-through sheet goods.

There’s a lot of single upgrade posts, but not many comprehensive lists. There was a post about improvements needed to the previous release and a response identified which items were addressed in the later release, like wiring connectors, wide makerslide, new controller, motors, etc. It basically identified items addressed by Inventables in the new release and left a shorter mod list for the user. I can’t find the bookmark for the post, but I’ll keep using the site search to find it.

Okay sweet, if ya’ll could post some purchase links of everything you mentioned, it’d be a massive help!

Going to the bank today for a loan, and i need to get an idea of how much i’m going to spend.

Thanks all!

Awesome, thanks Bob. So would you say the Z axis is most important to get before i upgrade X and Y axis rails? I’m assuming X and Y axis upgrades are pretty pricy!

The only thing I would really recommend from my experience is really ask yourself what size you need for personal use. The 1000mm is what I have and can tell you it’s much bigger then your imagining. Make sure you have the room and then some for your controller and laptop, and ask yourself what kind of items are you going to make and if your projects are going to be that large. One thing to remember is big in cnc in not necessarily better, where as the small machines are more ridged from the get go. just something to think about.

As far as upgrades:
Buying now means you will have the X-controller and wide x axis

  • Z axis upgrade is definitely worth every penny
  • you can make your own lift plates with your machine
  • Y axis’ upgrades to wider makerslides (specially on the 1000mm) or at least the right angles on the stock rails
  • If you do upgrade the Z axis get the dust boot from suck it with there upgrade so it will fit the new Z axis
  • Relay device for your spindle and dust collector
  • A good shop vac or air handler
  • You can upgrade your belts, either wider or to screws as some have
  • There is the three way zeroing block
  • You can get stronger motors if desired

There is plenty to upgrade and users coming up with new upgrades everyday, but starting stock is advised and learning the ins and outs of the machine and cnc in general is best before investing more money.

Happy carving!

Thanks Brian! I was thinking about getting the 750mm as well. I work for my sister, and we have a 48x96 custom built table. So if i do get bigger jobs, i’m sure it wouldnt be a problem using her machine.

Do you know the overall dimensions of the 1000mm when its all put together? I have a shed in my back yard i was planning on putting it in. Its not huge, but definitely big enough to have a 1000mm (i think).

Will the linked Z work with the Suck-it? Also, will the motor that came with the x-carve connect correctly to the slider?

What are these lift plates you’re talking about? Sorry, i’m a noob to doing a cnc build, but i know how to run a machine well haha.

Sweet, if anyone has links to parts i should look at, please post them!

Z axis will for sure getting upgraded, just don’t know what should be priority to upgrade next.

Awesome, gonna have to agree with everyone on that. I’ll have to post some pictures of our 48x96 and see what you think, i’d like to make a few upgrades to that if possible since it won’t be my money spent. hehe

Thanks for the advice everyone! Can’t wait to build this thing!

Here is one of the posts that list mods covered by the newer release/version.

did you get a reply back on the over all length ??