I'm baaack...new project & tip of the day

Guess you all know I’ve been MIA lately. Well, more than lately.
Haven’t had a project that required the X-Carve in like forever!
Finally got a commission to do a wall art piece with Whales & Dolphins.
Monkeypod & Mango wood with resin inlays & pockets cuts.

Here’s a suggestion for all those who ask what paints to use when coloring lettering, etc.

They have some of the most vibrant, iridescent and coolest colors you will ever find.
It even comes with a brush…lol.
I poured clear resin over the painted pockets with no adverse effect…very cool stuff.
Try it out the next time you looking for that special color.


Beautiful work.

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May I ask how long something like this takes to carve?
I just got my machine together and I want to make sure I am not setting up wrong. The simulation times seem quite long.

This carve which was 9" x 19" with most cut to .25" took 32 minutes to finish.
Used a .125 down cut bit at 80 ipm and .63 depth per pass.
This is way faster than the recommended settings, but with a properly set up machine, you can cut in excess of 120 inch per min. Lots on this subject and a search will provide tons of information.
Have fun with your new X-Carve.

Hey Phil
Yes, the nail polish is killer. Did not use polish remover, just sanded off excess when dry. I didn’t even seal the wood first. Usually seal with Shellac or Lacquer sealer first. This did not seem to want to bleed into the wood grain like the other type paints do, and the nail polish colors are “to die for”…lol
PS. just a little embarrassing when you buy them. I did get a few strange looks especially when I asked them if this color would go with my eyes.


The inlay is amazing.

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