I'm building 2 X Carves!

I started building yesterday and have discovered that I’m actually building 2 complete machines. Of course in the end I’ll only end up with one, but it’s been a blast putting it together, taking it back apart, then putting it back together again, correctly (hopefully) the second time.

Been a combination of dyslexia, (lots of mirror image components) misunderstood directions, and of course the ever-present personal nincompoopery.

Back at it! Mush…

There’s nothing wrong with building it more than once.

It just means you learn the ins and outs of the machine better :grin:

I’m so excited to use it, I wish I didn’t have to build it, but I told my wife exactly the same thing you said. There is real value in understanding your equipment and I am getting a grasp of its fiber points