Im Done! 3D is killing brain cells!

I cant figure out the whole 3D thing to save my life!! I spent hours today going over past posts and you tube and file converters… I dont even remember half the crap I tried today. I have a RAR file i want to bring into easel and I cant figure out how to get it done in Fusion 360, Vetric pro, or cut 3d. Even drove myself a little crazy in blender cam. At this point I feel as though I am just clicking stuff to see what works!! The information posted here is at times a little too technical for me. I am trying to do my homework, I do not want anyone to “just gimme” anything. But how the *&%$ do you get this stuff to work?? Vetric will not let you export the needed files on the trial version. Im at a loss. You guys that doo all the 3D stuff sound like rocket scientists to me…

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That is a compressed file format. What is in the rar?

Easel can’t generate 3D toolpaths.

What are you trying to do, specifically? Did you create something or download something? We need to know what you have to help.

I downloaded a file, got it to
Convert to STL but now I can’t get it to Gcode or DXF.

What did you convert it from? (What type of file was it?)

Anyway, to go from STL to gcode will take some work (Fusion 360), some compromises (Kiri:Moto) or some cash (V-carve or meshcam).

I’ll have to send it tomorrow. I am at school teaching at the moment. It will be late before I get home.

Fusion360 can take STL directly to CAM, editing it not so much.

Here is a video showing STL-F360 CAM work flow in its simplest form (to my knowledge):

Vectric V carve will import STLs and then you can scale the model and set depths. However the trial version will not let you create gcode.
Desktop version is worth the money.


That may be what I end up doing. Thanks. First I have to prove to the wife I can make a little money and that the program will be worth the money spent! Happy Wife, Happy Life!!

I started doing 3D with Rhino, which 10-12 years ago was a pretty common program. It’s hard at first. I just started out with parts that had simple shapes and made them more complicated over time. That’s how I got used to the tools and processes needed. Rhino had a tutorial that I tried at first and it was just easier for me to try to do simple things and gradually it becomes second nature. Meshcam opens STL’s and It’s pretty user friendly compared to 3d drawing.

Maybe you need to slow things down with the drawing and work up to more complex things?