I'm having a difficult time with X controller connecting to my Mac mini .. heres the catch though, it connects to my Mac book pro just fine!

I’m having a difficult time with X controller connecting to my Mac mini … heres the catch though, it connects to my Mac book pro just fine. I thought it was the Mac mini I was using so I brought one home from work to give it a try and it turns out its both of them. the Mac book and Mac mini(s) are running the same version of os. I’m extremely confused and a bit frustrated considering I bought this Mac mini just for the x carve.

I’m running a new 1000mm x carve with the x controller and all drivers are installed and updates taken care of. I’ve tried rebooting , unplugging and all of that fun stuff. I’ve carved a half of dozen things using the laptop and all have turned out wonderful, now if I can just take that into my office where it belongs and out of my garage I would be extremely happy.
can anybody help? Please?

I don’t own a Mac, but from the description, I’m going to guess that the problem isn’t the computers, but the default settings on them. namely the default connection port, and connection speed

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As a “mini” mayhap the usb ports are defaulted to low power output? Has to be a way to configure them, even in a mac.

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I too used a Mac mini for a long time although these days I’ve been using my Surface Book simply because I can run VCarve and UGS all from the same machine. I do however still have the Mac mini outin the workshop so I can test things if you still need a hand.

I ran the XCarve using UGS from the Mac, with virtually zero problems. I did however sometimes find that there was a certain sequence I needed when setting things up. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got the correct Java version up and running.

I’m trying to remember, but I seem to recall there was a certain sequence that looked like:
Starting UGS
Turning on the XCarve Controller
Connecting the cables
Selecting the correct connection from the “Port” drop down list
Clicking “Open” to make the connection
Using $X to get things up & running

The above is probably not in the correct sequence (I’ve been at work for 12 hours and I’m sipping a bourbon…) and I also remember that when I got things wrong, I had to restart the Mac to get it all back up and running…

My suggestion is to keep trying, and try varying the sequence you connect things.

If you’re still having problems (and you’re using UGS), let me know and I’ll do some testing for you.

Happy to assist if I can…

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After a short call with support , turns out by using a hub (powered or non) it works just fine… don’t know why this is but that was my work around… thanks for the help everyone! i appreciate the help!