I'm not sure where to begin

I am not sure what the issue is. Whole sign carves fine except for the top left and only one one part. Then it corrects itself. Any suggestions?

It looks like two separate carvings, the cabin sign and then the arrows. From the picture it looks like your cabin sign came out nicely. So I guess you are asking about why the arrow end messed up?

What is your workflow? How are you cutting this? I believe we need more details give them all to us

Plus is that 1 or 2 carving? I dont see the arrows in the top pic only the bottom pic

Sorry, It posted before I had a chance to finish writing. This is two different pieces. If you look at the D in Duval You’ll see the bit cut into the right early but then picked right back up where it should I did 3 carves last night and they all had the same kind of flaw in one spot.

I was having similar problems in the past.

here are a couple of things to check:

are the V-wheels rolling along the whole length of the run? I found that a couple of mine would roll fine in one area but be too tight or loose in another. After some tweaking I got that all figured out.

play with the power settings along all 3 axis. Does the machine run smoothly all the way across? Does the resist and not jump if you apply hand pressure to try stopping it? Mine would skip steps on the Y axis. I adjusted the power up and now that is all good.

In the Inventables website check out the calibration project by Robert he has a very good write up go through that and I bet you will find your problem