I'm still looking for mine whats your favorite fonts?

I have a couple that I like to use but still looking. It seems as though it’s really a bunch of trial and error to find the right one. Today I was spending some time on DaFonts looking around and have found some pretty good ones.

The ultimate test is to put them to use and see how they turn out.

ok…Just curious

Not specific ones just wondering why one likes a font and how well it works without much tweeking

I use a lot of stuff from Font Diner in anything I do.


Are you referring to a specific thread? I did some searching and couldn’t find a “this font works great” thread.

I really like a font called aramis but I need to be careful. The spacing on some of the lower case letters is strange.

Hello, does anyone know what this font is?

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Anything by Font Diner. They have some great free ones.

Looks like Carol Twombly’s Charlemagne.

Wow, I think this is the one! Thank you so much for your help!