I'm Stupid and I Need Help! DeWalt 611. Why can't I insert a bit!?!?

This is my first time to use my machine and I don’t know crap! So I went to insert a bit into the DeWalt 611 Router and I cannot get a bit to go in. Please see pictures and tell me what I need to do.
Thank you in advance for your help.

Lost in Dallas

you needed to read the instructions on this page listed as ERColletSystemInstructions.pdf

as for getting it out without damage is going to be a little hard. you could try to freeze it with some coolant from a can of air (turn it upside down and spray the liquid onto the collet and try not to get any on the spindle) and then lightly tap on it with a blunt object and see if it will come out. ( I can not recommend a hammer and screwdriver as that is not what they are for but it is what I would try).

as to how to prevent this make sure you have the collet inserted into the collet nut properly before you tighten so that when you remove them they come out as a unit.

as for why you can not get a bit inserted, it is because you have the collet compressed inside the router and the center hole is now smaller than the bit you are trying to insert.

Insert a screw into the middle, grasp with vise-grips, pull out.

Sometimes, you can use a nail or an old endmill that will fit in the collet, it looks like a 1/8, (dont force it in) and gently move side to side to straighten the collet in the router and the collet will pop out.

Thank you sir. I was able to get it out.

Thank You for the help!

So how did you release the collet?

Insert a screw into the middle, grasp with vise-grips, pull out.

That’s how I would do it as well.