I'm very new & inexperienced, and have a question about actual work area

I am buying an X-Carve from a friend, that has assured me I can carve a work area of 750mm x750mm? Yet when I open Easel (first time doing this) it only seems to have a cut area of 300mm x 200mm. Even if I tile, it doesn’t give me a width wider than 280mm? It allows me to setup for the length with tiling, but I can’t find anything that will help me increase the work/cut area?
Have I been led astray with the 750mm x 750mm work area? or can it be setup somehow.

Go to Machine>Edit machine and you can set the work area to any size you like, make sure to hit save at the bottom.
**Or when you perform the machine setup Easel will ask what machine type and Size and it’ll set this up for you, I bet you haven’t done a machine setup and that’s why it’s at the smaller size as a default.

I use Easel for my 52"x52" work area machine :slight_smile:

A 1000mmx1000mm (length of the metal frame) X-carve has a 750 (really about 780mm if you set it up right) work area.

Go up to machine then to edit your machine and you should be able to change the size right there.

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Thank you so much, that makes so much sense. I actually haven’t got the machine yet, (I’m buying from a friend) I was just looking at Easel, to get a bit of an understanding.

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Thank you, I will do that, as soon as I get the machine :slight_smile:


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