Image Carving

Hi everyone,

Does easel have a function which allows photo images to be carved?

If yes, I would very much appreciate any assistance I can get.

Thank you in advance

I don’t know about Easel, but look at Vectric software.
They have photo V carving capability and also a free trial.

I saw it on Vectric, I was just hoping Easel had and Option also.
Thank you though.

There are some online software converters that can take photos to line art and then you can import the line art as an SVG or DXF and Easel can go from there. Ink Scape is also an option.

Thank you Harry Ragland for that information. I will check inkscape .

I really like Jason Dorie’s Halftoner program, it’s free and not too difficult to use.
These are done on white melamine with a 6mm 3 sided v-bit.

Hi Mike Byrne,

Thank you for the feedback. I will definitely follow up on it