Image creation sources

Do any of you use a paid source to have svg files created? I sent a message to a guy on etsy, asking if he’d sell me this file. I’m assuming he won’t. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could find a high quality image online I’d attempt to do it myself. Honestly, I’ve had no luck with it in the past, with much less detailed images. Thanks in advance.

PS. If any of you is able to do it, I’d much rather pay you for your time, instead of a stranger outside our community.


that looks more like an STL file. (3D) which means stereolithography

not SVG (2D) which means scalable vector graphic

which would also require a program to generate the toolpath in 3D you can still use Easel to send it once the g-code is created.

but I could always be wrong.

Spot on Sir. It’s an STL. I am looking for an SVG to use with Easel.

No takers huh? The guy I mentioned above has a person in China who will possibly create the SVG for me for 50 bucks. We shall see.

I got the file. Now I need to edit text in it to make personalized copies. After editing in Inkscape, which format of SVG do I save it in to make it Easel friendly? Thanks.

The default will work. Just make sure that any text is converted to a path.

Thanks Neil.

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