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I know there’s tons of imaging help threads on here. I tried Inkscape to convert this PNG, but when transfering the SVG to Easel, it says I can’t use it. Am I missing something in the settings? Image trace wasn’t helpful at all for the PNG or the JPEG.

Just load your picture into this website and convert to SVG.

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Sometimes there are imbedded objects in your original file that are not removed by the svg conversion. I have overcome this by first opening the file in Windows Paint and saving it as BMP file.

For some reason that I don’t fully understand this seems to eliminate those embedded (but otherwise invisible) objects. Then when you open and trace the image in Inkscape, it seems to save as a clean SVG file that will open in Easel.

Give it try and see if it works. Hope this helps.

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Object to path in inkscape then export?

Holy crap, thank you! i bookmarked that page.

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Shouldn’t have to do an object to path. The tracing becomes the path. If you add Inkscape text into your new tracing, then you’ll have do the ol object to path trick, otherwise, nope.

How did you “convert” it? I just tried a Trace Bitmap in Inkscape and it imported without issue.

I’ve been opening the file in Inkscape, then saving as an optimized SVG file. It works 90% of the time for what I’m doing, but every now and then I get the error from Easel telling me to ■■■■ off. I’ve never tried the “Trace Bitmap” function. If that worked on your end, I’ll give it a try the next time I get the error.

Then you haven’t lived.

That’s a fair assumption. Pretty accurate, too.

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