Image Trace & Cutting Silhouettes

I am cutting Easter Egg & Easter Bunny silhouettes out of 1/4" birch using the 1/8" straight cut bit. I used image trace to import my design- a simple black outline. The line of my image is too “thick” and therefore is requiring two passes of tracing around the edge which is not necessary. I’ve tried all of the different cut options (on path, inside, outside, etc…). When I zoom in on the image, I do see two blue cut lines, one on each side of the black image line. Besides editing the points along the entire image, is there a way to make the image line thinner or just a single line? I feel like my cut time is unnecessarily long.

can you share the file

I think I figured out what I did wrong. The image that I uploaded was just an outline so it traced both edges/sides of the black line, creating two cut lines. I needed to upload a filled in silhouette and select “trace outline” in my image import. Does that sound right?

That could make a big difference. Given you are working with 1/4 birch the cut times on the file shared do not seem unrealistic to me. There is a lot of cutting that you are doing on each piece.

I changed my image trace and it’s working great and taking much less time and only cutting one line. I agree, lots to cut on here so I know it should take a good amount of time. But as I was watching it cut before, the silhouette was completely cut then it would start to cut the pocket wider which wasn’t necessary.

I appreciate your help! Thanks!

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Hi first day on forum just got my machine and trying to figure out the program I downloaded an image to trace but on the image their a few defects I need to erase but don’t know how to clear the defects in image any help would be appreciated Thanks Dennis Laff

Dennis - click on the image in Easel, press “E” which enable you to edit/move/delete the nodes.

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A way round the double line is to use the Offsetter app. Set the distance to .001 deselect “keep original” after you create the new one simply select and delete one of the two lines.

Hope that helps Steve