Image Trace double lines

I am noticing when I use image trace, I attempt to cut the outline of the shape but there are actually two paths. One is on the outside of the line and the second is on the inside of the line. I have been resorting to deleting the inside line by deleting the points manually.

Is there a way to get only the outline toolpath? I am certain I am choosing outline in the cut settings.


I see no one actually helped you with the problem …Seems I have this same problem on every image loaded even if it is a svg file. Did you ever figure out why …or how to fix?

Have you tried using the “fill” path instead of the “outline” path?

Go into edit node mode and delete one line by deleting the nodes. You will be left with only one line

Make sure you delete the inside line. It did some odd things when I deleted the outside line. I think it will more accurately represent your drawing.

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This has been bothering me too on some (not all) SVG imports. Things I’ve drawn myself and used an online converter to turn into SVGs. Seems especially to happen to the outside edges.