Image trace error , why?

Vectorizing failed: InvalidSignatureException: Signature not yet current: 20181012T135642Z is still later than 20181012T135637Z (20181012T135137Z + 5 min.). Try re-uploading the image or refreshing your browser.

Have you call customer support??

Does other projects work? Is this an isolated project problem?

yes , they couldn’t understand my problem, nor could they explain things at a level of understanding . It happens when I try to trace on my HP . I am thinking a update is the problem

Did you try restarting your computer?

have you checked the system clock? if there is a mismatch between the system time and the time reported by the browser this can cause symptoms like this.


I second Kenneth. Check your computers clock. that was what solved the same problem for me.

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I never did get it to work, got a new CPU now, so it works fine.