Image trace not relaying onto material?

Hey guys,

Very new to CNC here. When I use the image trace feature if you notice not all the details are shown on the “preview” on the right hand side… any idea what I’m doing wrong?

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Have a play with v-bits in the bit selection (e.g. 60 degree), and see if that brings in the detail you need. The carve will always be limited by the width of the bit for straight mills. You can also look at 1/32, but recommendation would be to do a roughing pass with a larger bit if you’re going small on the detail bit.

If you’re new to 2 stage carves, take a look at this post. Using two bits for one project - #2 by JamesWNZ

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like James’s mention, Try out the “V” bits .


What the other 2 said will allow it to carve more into the detailed areas and it likely the preferred method IF you have Easel Pro and can use Vbits.

A tip to see what areas the current bit is going to miss is this feature called “show uncut areas”
now this only works for endmills and when using the “pocket” cut type…
but clicking the 3 dots at the lower right expands this section where you can check this box, that then causes the uncut areas (too small for the selected endmill to fit into) to be highlighted in this red color.

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