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Image Trace not uploading images

I have been unable to get my image trace to load any images last night or today. I’ve used it many times without any trouble the last couple months. I also noticed that last night, the graphics when selecting the file to upload are different. Anyone else having this trouble?

I have read that if your system clock on your pc is off, the addon will not work.

Please send in a help request to Inventables customer success so they can start an investigation.

I had success using google chrome, as suggested by the tech from the email Response that I received. Thank you Zack. Easel and XCarve are excellent

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Sure thing!

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very woderfull afternoon sır
I am currently havıng same problem you are having
and I don’t know what to do.
can you help me with this please ?
if you too found a solution.
thank you very much in advance

Having the same issue and have used edge and chrome and nothing

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Currently 2 other threads addressing the issue apparently its a hosting issue with Amazon web services effecting image trace and dxf import right now… awaiting Amazon’s fix sometime soon hopefully…