Image Vectorizer - expired signature

Not sure if this is the right place to put this but… I get this error and I’d like to not get it, if possible. It really adds to the (lack of) file management conundrum. I’ve been cutting lots of “one-off” signs where I make changes between each one.

I use the image vectorizer a lot. It seems that there is a certain time limit to use this particular app whereby you have to reload the page to get it to work a second time. This happens on all four of the machines I’ve run Easel on.

“[uuid=6EC129E3322148F9] This action has been secured by the developer of this website. Error: The signature has expired”

I would imagine this might be a simple fix or developer setting, but maybe not since I see others have noticed this for a while now.

Might see if @JeffTalbot or @Ruwan might know what is happening here.

Hi @Paul,

This issue has been fixed. The Image Vectorizer app shouldn’t time out on you anymore. (You will have to refresh Easel once to get this change.)


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Woohoo! Thanks Jeff!

Hugs all around! (“classic man hugs” I mean) :slight_smile:

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I’m still getting the error message when trying to use the image vectorizer. I’ve refreshed Easel and tried both Chrome and Edge without success. Can you help? Thanks!


I was able to get the image vectorizer working. It turned out that my computer’s clock was off by an hour. When I corrected that I no longer received the timeout error message.

Ah, yeah that could do it. The signatures that are generated are good for 30 min each time. We now refresh the signatures every time you click to upload a file. So they should never expire… unless your clock is an hour behind, I guess :smile:


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i am having the same issue with mine right now