Image vectorizer SLOW


Got a problem with the image vectorizer being extremely slow,have to wait about 1 minute if i edit something in it before it react…somebody else got this problem or is it just me :smile:

Close to driving me crazy :scream: :smirk:

P.S Just to point out it is Easel that is getting slow when i use the image vectorizing function

I had similar problems myself last night. Easel was working frustratingly slow .This was with two separate projects. One was a .jpg that I brought in through the vectorize app and the other was the Hand Clock from the projects site .

I have this problem almost every time i use the vectorizer,i think it has to do with the complexity of the image being imported/used.
Easel is great in so many ways and what can we demand when it is totaly free ?,hope this is something that is being worked on.
I find that these little annoyances make me want to upgrade to a more high end software,but it is a matter of cost and also learning curve.