Images import warped

Files import warped.
Trying to import a PNG of stars for a flag, but the file keeps getting warped and all my stars are lopsided. New to this, any help out there?

Use the star Generator App in Easel. It’s easy and it works great. If you have vcarve desktop here is a video on how to do it using this software

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You’ll have better results starting with an svg for a common image like that.

So if I have an svg file then all the images I import will be exactly as originally pictured? Would be nice to just take something strait from google

You can import an SVG and it should look exactly as the original. You’ll always loose detail with a trace.

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Thanks dude

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I have been using an online converter called “Convertio” it works great it will allow you to convert three images at a time. There are a lot of file format options you can convert to in it.