Images not uploading into easel

Hi all-

I am having a problem uploading images into Easel from my computer. Since the change to the upload window (where it offers drive, facebook, etc) when I try to upload from my computer it navigates to the file fine, shows the preview fine, but when I click on ‘upload’ it goes back to the image trace window and nothing is there. The import button is greyed out as well. HELP! this has brought me to a complete halt.


What browser are you running easel in ? I’m relatively new to this myself but I had the same trouble with certain web browsers. try google chrome

Yep! That did it. I was using Internet explorer. Switched to chrome and it works fine. Back in business!


We’ve confirmed there is an issue uploading files in IE on Windows. We will look into fixing this.

The issue with the image uploads on IE11 has been addressed. If you are still having issues when uploading files you might need to hard refresh. To do so click “Reload” while holding the Shift key.
Happy carving!