Import G-Code From Candle

Have a file that I have been using on Candle but can’t seem to fit the carving to the size of the wood I want to use. Was told to use Easel and Import the G-Code which I have done. The file show up great on Easel but I am not able to modify it to fit in the size of the wood I want to use. I can’t seem to change anything. Any help would be great. Thanks

You can’t edit gcode in Easel.
Are you trying to scale the design down? You’ll have to scale before you generate toolpaths or use a tool like Gcode Ripper

Yes, Easel will not allow you to modify the GCode once imported.

If you could share the Gcode and state the size you want, someone may be able to help. Other than that, it might be possible to get some degree of scaling by modifying your steps per inch settings, but Easel won’t reflect that in the preview.

Thanks it was just the standard “” that’s on the internet to download. Just learning. That answers my question and I thank you for your help.