Import of G-code is wrong, like off work area

Hi all, Newbie here so be patient with me! LOL.

I created very simple g-code file in Vcarve pro. Used the Easel post processor but when I tried to import into Easel, the pieces are mostly off the work area and I can’t move them into place. What I am doing wrong please. I am running Easel in Windows 8.1 IE.


Check your datum point in your material setup in Vcarve. Easel uses the bottom left corner as it’s origin point and could cause this.

If you want it set to the center or other corner, you just have to zero the machine to that corner/the center.

IDK if anyone else does it too but I do an air carve first when using Gcode from fusion 360 just to make sure it is where I want it and to check the start point.

Changing datum point in Vcarve worked. Thanks

Sim in software doesn’t allow you to confirm your start point or check scaling if you have to. The software produces Gcode which is then used by easel and sent to the xcarve… I don’t like wasting materials because I accidentally used the wrong speeds and a million other mistakes that a dry run or air run could’ve brought to light, but hey. You seem to be able to make those mistakes, I can’t afford materials and bits at the cost of time, money, or irritation.