Import SVG from illustrator to Easel Issue

Hi, I’m new to the carve and cnc in general, so please bear with me. I have taken a simple black outline object and placed it in illustrator, then saved it to an svg file and loaded it into easel. In the 3 render it appears to come out the way i intended. When i start the carve the machine moves to its start location and goes down touches the material moves 1/8 inch and stops. work progress shows 0% and it states there. what am i doing wrong. this is my first attempt after the test carve which came out great.

Thank You.

i did the test carve late last night and everything went good. When it jogs to the start point it has jogged fine and other times it has jogged a little rough.

only bits i have are the two that came with it. I need to purchase some more bits larger ones to speed up the process. Im guessing its saying it takes so long due to the small bit and cut out portion which I’m sure i can make smaller for a faster cut time. However I’m stuck with the machine jogging to the start point going down touching the material and stopping. every time

what do you mean by connection issues, i did a rectangle in the air made in easel and everything went well

I zero it in the lower left corner., i will clear my cache in my computer and see if that helps. What is a good program to drop images into and have the xcarve run

also when i save images as svg in illustrator it gives me some options on the file such as svg 1.1 , svg 1.0 , svg 1.1 tiny, svn 1.1 basic…etc these are the types of svg files i can save. don’t know if that matters

Here is this one I’m doing smaller , i also started it in the lower left corner. Instead of sending the machine to the middle to start its cutting , but i think there are some extra paths i don’t need. Its cutting… though… I’m a little confused considering i haven’t done anything different. i haven’t cleared my cache yet either


Im on a macbook Retina, I will look at that from here on out. What is a good program that isn’t the most expensive to use other than easel? …I just may need to play with it for awhile to get the hang of how to use easel .

Again sorry for my newness. is basically what I’m doing in easel g code?
Ill have to look up v carvings and not to the level of 3d carvings lol.

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lol thanks for the understanding… Thanks for the explanations. I did a little research, more like 1 month. Its just hard to know what you need to know until your doing and experiencing things. Thanks again


Hi Phil
What do you recommend reading as in printed material?