Imported Inkscape complex shape routes in separate segments

I created a shape in inkscape consisting of 6 individual segments. The end of each segment is joined to the next making a single enclosed object.

First time I imported the object, Easel “saw” it as 6 segments vs. one single shape/object. Went back to Inkscape and used “combine” to create a single object. This time Easel “saw” it as a single object but carved it as 6 segments anyway.

Is there a way to convert the object so Easel cuts it as a single path?

I’m new to this so I hope my terminology makes sense.

Are you sure its a closed path?

Here is a video of joining nodes

Glenn, that was my problem. What I thought I joined, I didn’t. Did the “join 2 nodes” method from the video which did the trick. Excellent video!


Glad to help