Imported .svg Design Inverted when opened in Easel


I’m looking for some advice on my project. I’m interested in cutting intricate designs into 12" vinyl records to make clocks. I do my design work in Adobe Illustrator and export to a .svg file. When I go to import that file, Easel is essentially inverting my design. Please see the attached image.

I know that I can invert the image colors in Illustrator but is there a way to have Easel interpret the import differently? If you think of my attached project (the import on the left), I want the black paths to remain (they are the vinyl record) and the white areas to be removed.

Any advice, tips, or guidance would be appreciated!!! Additionally, is there any way to make the work area a circle as opposed to a square?


Try creating a large shape over the entire vinyl and setting it to fill carve to the needed depth. Then have your design layer above the vinyl record “blank”, and set it to a 0-depth carve. That should keep the design and remove the bits in between.


Not quite sure I’m understanding the problem here…

In easel, everything shown in white remains, greys are partial cuts, and black is a through cut.

It appears that Easel is importing your design properly, and set to carve the way you want it to.
Have you run a simulation to see if it’s already set that way yet?