Imported SVGs and Cutter Compensation

Trying to cut a Growler Caddy. Imported SVG. The Xcarve seems to cut directly on the path regardless of whether I select Inside or Outside Outline in Easel. By way of example, those filled circles in the bottom left are cutting closer to 5.375 as opposed to the 5" diameters I intended. Does easel not do cutter comp? So should undersize all my dimensions?

Also, it’s making what I assume to be finish passes, cutting air. That’s not a deal breaker but makes the run time significantly longer than it should otherwise be. I’m using a 3/8 flat cutter and told Easel I’m doing so.

Am I missing something easy?

It appears you have multiple copies of each object stacked upon another. Delete all but one and try again.

Thanks, gentlemen.

It looks like I imported some extra geomtery I wasn’t expecting and didn’t notice when I was creating tool paths. Thanks much!