Importing a photo

I’m pretty new to CNC and easel and have zero experience with 3d modeling. But I have done several cuts on my xcarve so far that turned out perfect. But I was wanting to make some 1911 gun grips and matching grips for my knife I carry. Is there a way I can take a photo of the grips on both and somehow get them into easel so I can cut some? I have no way of knowing how to do it any other way.

Click “Import” from the meny and choose “Import Image”

Well I understand that. But just bringing in the photo doesn’t make it ready to cut. Gun grips have to be exact and I’m just lost as to how to get it from a photo to a finished project

Easel doesn’t have enough features to get the curvature of the grip profile.

So, no there is no way to do that.

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Surface curavture can not be created in Easel, but Easel can use gcode to perform the cutting task.

Since you are an aspiring CNC-operator, I would simply start with getting the outline workflow nailed and progress from that.

Image to gcode require more than a simple scan, it need to be tidied up and properly scaled. Surface curvature may introduce further workflow steps, but this is outside the scope of Easel.

I’m basically just wanting to get the basic shape/outline cut from wood. I’m going to do all the shaping and curving by hand on a sander

Then a Image Trace can provide fairly accurate profile for contour cuts.
The quality will depend on the quality of the photo used.