Importing an svg file

Please help
I have imported an svg file from vcarve pro 11.5 and the it is not putting the vectors in the correct location on the material in easel (ex 11x19 in where the vectors are centered in the material and after importing it the vectors are off center.) I’m using easel PP in vcarve pro

make sure it grouped together be exporting

I recommend creating an 11X19 border rectangle as part of what you create in Vcarve. Export the vectors with the border and import that into Easel. Once there, you can delete the border. I think you will find that your centering is where you desire.

If you are using a post processor when saving grom vectric then you would be importing gcode, not a .svg.

And when opening a gcode file in any software it will only display the tooplaths, it has no idea how large the workpiece is, only the area that the bit is supposed to travel to.

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