Importing art makes lines that take multiple passes

I am working on a project

This is an Easter Bunny With Egg which is a cutout from 1/4 inch plywood.
I am having a problem with importing an image and getting it to carve simple lines.I used the -Import - Image Trace Feature, but it gives me a lot of little points, and seems to unnecessarily re-carve lines.I would like advice from the group on how to get this to carve faster - I need to make a hundred of the,

You can smooth the little points by changing the smoothing option when you import JPG files. That can remove a lot of the little points you’re talking about.

Thanks - I put it on “Maximum smoothness” did not seem to help much!?!

If you’re trying to clean it up in Easel, all you can do is edit the points, remove some, change others to curve style and tweak the boundary lines.

Would be easier to do before you bring it into Easel, but you are pocketing a profile. basically you are filling in between two paths to cut a shape. Remove one of the paths.

I Removed the old egg and made a new one out of an oval.
Time is down to 7 minutes from 49 minutes

@MartinGutzmer Did you see my previous reply?

I basically redid it
Kept only the interior for one image which is the .002 depth for the design, and then the overlayed image of the outline.
Thank you for your help!