Importing Easel Projects into Vcarve

I want to make the diresta tool tote project for my nephew for Christmas, but I think it would be fun to do some engravings with Vcarve on it rather than just using a round bit. I the only option to screenshot it and do a bitmap trace or is there a more effecient way to do it?

Good question, that is the only way I know of. I have done this and it seems to work well.
It would be nice if you could import g code into V Carve and reverse design.

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I think this would be a perfect project to test my (new found) fusion 360 skills, leave it with me.

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Any luck on the new 360 skills? :slight_smile: (Not really expecting it, but thought I would ask before I figure out cutting one).

Hi nogeel,

Have you tried engraving it with a v bit using Easel Pro?


I actually already have it set up in easel and will likely use it to carve. I just wanted 3D tabs and it is a little nicer to work off a single images rather than have multiple workspaces to get easel to do what you want. A pet peeve for me is easel uses a vbit to cut outside profiles when I have a roughing and V bit selected. It was a preference thing. I do still like easel and use it to design a work.

Cool. We’ve heard that feedback a lot about cut-through outlines and multiple bits. It’s something we’re keeping in mind as we look to improve the product.

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3d tabs would be great too particularly pushing this for businesses. CNC dwell marks are unsightly when you are selling a sign.

Sorry dude! It will be the new year before I get around to it :expressionless:

Just wondering if there is a way to import to Vcarve from Easel.

I am curious what what is it from Easel that you would want to import into Vcarve?

I realize this is an old thread, but what is the best way to adjust for plywood thickness and bit size so the tabs fit together correctly in Easel. I did make this in pro back in December, but Kind of gave up because the pieces didn’t end up fitting together. After doing some reading I see that people often adjust to compensate, but there aren’t good ways to do that in easel, correct?

It was the design which basically rather than having to draw it out myself and because I have Vcarve already I just wanted to use it to do the carve.