Importing from illustrator

I have successfully imported drawings from illustrator as SVG files, but now, i have been using a program called Paper ( to make line drawings. From this program, you can send the to illustrator, as pdf files. From there I’d like to send them to easel and carve them, but I must be missing some steps. Expanding the artwork doesn’t help… It just imports as on big image. Maybe this is more of an illustrator help questions… Any ideas?

Not all PDFs are vector format, some contain png, tiffs or other bit mapped images

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To see what a CAM program will see when importing a file from Illustrator, hit Control Y to go into outline mode — pixel images as noted by GlennMDutcher will show up as boxes w/ an X through them.

right, so nothing shows up in outline mode… and I’ve imported it into other formats and it comes through as a png file, so that means it’s all bit mapped, right? Now way to convert to vector? Do I just need to re draw in illustrator? thanks----

Probably, unless Paper53 has some other export option.

Really miss the concept of ink from the early days of pen computing.

In Illustrator, if you have a bitmap file that is pretty clean, you can use the Image Trace feature to make it a vector outline.

Like @Mike said, you can use Illustrator to trace images and get decent results, or you can also use the image trace app built into Easel.

As you have probably guessed, Paper by 53 only works in pixels and not vectors. If you are looking for something at the beginning of your work flow that is in the iPad then I would suggest Graphic by Autodesk, it’s a pretty great and works well with Illustrator or even better it exports SVG files that can be imported directly into Easel.