Importing from inkspace

I’ve been working on a sign using lettering that I created in Ink-space since Easel has a limited font library. It looks good, but Easel won’t let me turn the letters into raised surfaces (projections) from the background. Never had a problem with fonts in Easel, or any of the icons for that matter. I’m importing the png file that was created in Ink Space just like you would import a web image. The software seems to get sluggish, and I assumed that had to do with the project size, but maybe not. Any thoughts out there?

Back to You Tube I go. I’ve been using trace to bitmap. Thanks

Right. I’m missing a step somewhere. I keep getting .png files even though I set the output to .svg. Inkscape is a challenge at the moment.

Got it. I was skipping a couple steps. Thanks

Where is that option? Can’t find it. Latest version.

ill check didnt see

Saw it. cant believe i kept missing it and doing image trace

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Even just some circles and whatnot?

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All I’ve used it for is text. I found a you tube video that explained it pretty well. That guy recommended selecting everything and then under “object” select un-group, then “path” select object to path. Last under file “save as” change the file type to optimized svg. Works like a champ.

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One further consideration is that sometimes a font will be incorrectly constructed with paths winding in the wrong directions which will interfere w/ apps recognizing what should be filled / unfilled — sometimes it’s necessary to correct the path direction to get the text converted to paths to work properly.