Importing from sketchup

I do my designing in Sketchup, however the svg file I produce never comes across into easel correctly. It always says image is to large and end up as a line down one side of the layout page. Tried it in ( dare I say) makercam no problems, any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Can you post the file?

Try checking your units. Inksapke defaults to pixels which can be weird.

Hi, have checked my units it’s inch’s in all programs. Attached is the svg file I’m trying to import.

Hi I have a file that I bought dxf format and imported into sketchup. I opened it in all the template options, the simple option in sketchup only gives me the meter or inches options. I scaled it to my size I want the chair to be but if I import it in easel it goes much smaller. I have also tried to open it in architectural template (mm) as I work in mm in easel, but if I do it in architectural view it is also not the right size when I open it in easel. Can someone advise in what settings or template should I import my chair in sketchup to scale it and that will import correctly in easel

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I know this isn’t an ideal solution, but it’s an option in case someone doesn’t have a better solution.
I don’t work in sketchup so I don’t have the best knowledge of the ins and outs of it. . .

You could create a bounding box (rectangle) a known size around the entire design, then when the design is imported into Easel, select the entire thing and resize to the known size of the bounding box, resizing all internal items and then delete the box Or set it to 0 depth and leave it there. . .