Importing from vcarve to easel

Having trouble importing something from v carve to easel , Can someone in simple terms tell me the steps. Can i use my x carve directly from v carve. Should add that I only have trial version of varve.

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I believe you are right. So there is no way (unless i buy the program) to test if i like it or not. can i use the trial directly with my x carve.

I used open sign in the program files saved it to my computer using the info in the v carve program but when try to import to easel file gcode it says can not do it.

will do …thanks

When i try to open the pp file on the easel program under File>import>gcode my computer says error with gcode or file type unsupported. I get the my p pros open nothing there.

Well I believe I did all this but when I get into easel by import then pick choose file I get this mssge Line 1060: M02
The file contains invalid G-code syntax.

What file extension is the .pp file suppose to use? When downloading the post processor it ask what program to open it with and somehow adobe acrobat got selected and I can not figure out how to change it,