Importing G-Code to Easel from Vectric software

I create and save toolpath in software, and when I choose I try to import the g-code in easel I am getting the image off center and not even in the work space. Any help with this or something I am missing? Thank you.

Are you saving the toolpath file in Vetric to the right Grbl type file for Easel.

I have tried saving tool path to either x-carve or easel options and both do the same thing once imported into easel.

I believe you need to set the origin point before creating the toolpath… vectric doesn’t default to the lower left, so you need to set it manually

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Yes it looks like origin is set to upper left based on where easel locates your design.

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Did clicking the lower left work @Jon1021?

Did you set the zero in vectric to the top of the lower left corner? You might try moving the zero around to see how that effects the import to Easel.

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