Importing G-Code

Hi Guys,

I am using Vectric Cut2D 8.0 - so it will be very good if we can import the G-cod created by it into Esel.

No need to change the G-code within Esel since we can do it elsewhere.

Thank you

Hi @IsaacNeuman,

Have you had a chance to look at using or Universal G-Code Sender?

I personally like ChiliPeppr over UGS but if you do go with UGS then get the 2.0 (nightly build) version.


Thanks for your reply.

No I haven’t tried chillipepper or ugs because I did not know they exist. :smiley:

My simple logic thougt that a g-code is a g-code - so I assumed it will be possible to import the g-code made by Cuy2D into X-Carve.

However it may not be possible because of the LPT vs USB issues ???

So if there is no possibility to import the g-code from cut2d into X-Carve, then I guess chillipepper will be my next best option.

I just need to know if this is possible or not.

Many thanks.


While G-code is just text (and numbers) it’s not really meant to be edited — it builds in a lot of assumptions, esp. for a machine running Grbl which doesn’t support cutter compensation.

You should be able to load G-code from pretty much any source and send it to the machine using Easel (or any other g-code sender), but the only things one typically does w/ G-code is post-process it, concatenate it, maybe delete small sections.

Would you please explain why you feel editing is needed and what you’re trying to accomplish?

I don’t think he wants to edit the G-code, just send it.

@IsaacNeuman, at this time Easel don’t act as a g-code sender except for the code that it generates in and of itself. This may be something they are considering adding to Easel in the future, but for now it isn’t there. That being said, I would go with something like this:

Cut2D > g-code file > ChiliPepper > X-Carve

You can substitute UGS for the ChiliPepper step if that is preferred or you want an offline solution. Either one of those will send the g-code file to your X-Carve. Just use the X-Carve post processor when you export from Cut2D to generate your g-code.

I am simplifying here a bit, because UGS and ChiliPepper have lots of options, but a quick search here on the forum or over on Shapeoko’s forum will give you plenty of information on both. Either way though, the simple answer to your question Isaac is yes you can get your g-code file from Cut2D to your X-Carve.

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Hi Will,

Thanks for your reply.

The editing part was just a response for invenables question asking if Easel users want to have the ability to do so.

As for the g code - I understand that Easel serve as a g code generator and as a controlling sw of x- carve.

I am using on my CNC machine Vectric Cut2D as a g- code generator, and Mach 3 as my countrolling sw.

I know now that I cannot use Mach 3 with x-carve directly , so I was looking for the option to be able to use my cut2d with Easel.

But as far as I can tell, Easel does not have the option to import a g code.

I hope now I make a better sense. . .:smile:

Many thanks


Hi again

Well this is good news. . .

I will have to investigate further.

Chillipepper looks a very good option.

Many thanks again


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I actually found that V2.0 wouldn’t work at all when I was using it. It would connect and jog the machine just fine, but it always threw an error or something when actually sending the gcode. Never had that issue with v1.0.8

Hmm. Working fine here.

Interesting, I had all kinds of issues with 1.0.8 and 2 runs pretty smoothly for me. Plus, 1.0.8 didn’t have a touch plate feature other than a macro and 2 did. Either way I still prefer ChiliPeppr over UGS if I am sending a g-code file 9 times out of 10.

It might be because I’m on mac? I dunno. I’ve since moved on to LinuxCNC with the Leadshine MX3660 driver, what a difference!

On a Mac here too. I have my reservations about apps that run on Java… there is a bit of lag inherent from the word go with Java apps.

Yeah Java isn’t exactly a model of efficiency, but that seems to be the cost of robust-ness. Still, you’re just sending enough code to keep 17 or 18 lines of buffer filled. Depending on what your are doing it could take minutes or 1 second to go through all those lines.

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Here is another newbie qoestion.

Can I work the x-carve just with cut2d>g-code file>chillipepper alone or do I need also Easel in the loop?



You should be able to, you just need the .nc file with all the gcode to feed into chilipeppr.

No need to have Easel in the loop. Actually if you have Easel open at the same time, ChiliPeppr and Easel will both want to connect to the X-Carve, so make sure that only the application that you want to connect is open at any given time.

Thanks. That’s what I thought . Haven’t had the chance to look into CP yet but from a glance it looks like it can do the job.



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