Importing stylized text

I’m trying to import stylized text from fonts not contained in Easel Pro. I’ve converted them to .svg’s, but Image trace won’t import them. I’ve also tried bringing them over from Inkscape - still not working. Is there a way to either import them directly or convert them to another format while preserving the look?


try printing to PDF and convert to SVG ?

Online PDF to SVG Converter - IDRsolutions

Ken - thanks for your suggestion. I’ve tried 3 different file converters and nothing works. Easel returns the following screen when trying to import text strings into the program:

I’ve done the Inkscape and “other programs” process to no avail.

There’s got to be a way to enter stylized fonts and text into Easel. Note: I’ve tried it in Vetrics and no issue.


I am trying to create text to use to carve on a wedding cutting board. The font contains tails and I can create the text block and convert it from pdf to svg but Easel won’t import it. I’ve tried their suggested methods, but none of them works.

Here’s the pdf of one of the lines of text using the stylized font:

Jacki.pdf (37.4 KB)


Tom , do this>>

Thanks Seth. I’ll give it a go.


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Seth - I’ve now done 3 font imports into Easel and everything works using the method you shared with me. Thanks again.


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